Minecraft dev makes £8000 in a day

Minecraft, the block building game that stole our hearts, has just crested one thousand sales in under a day. Almost 5000 people registered for a free account in that time. He sells them for €9.95 (and we can only grunt and screw up our faces when considering the fees that come off before it goes into his pocket). A comment on his blog posits that he'll soon be working for Valve, and I can't help but wonder - why would he need to?

You can head to his stats page to see an up-to-date counter for all the sales he's ever had, those in the last twenty four hours, and the number of games in progress. Incredibly, only twelve percent of the people playing some form of Minecraft have bought the full version and are enjoying Survival mode - the rest are building monolithic cocks in Minecraft Classic.

I remember that Minecraft only really became super-popular when you could play with other people. Now, the part that makes him money is on the verge of going multiplayer too, and sales are clearly ramping up. If I were Valve, I'd offer Markus Persson a deal on Steam - they've got to be able to offer a better deal than PayPal, you know?