Middle-earth: Shadow of War's Dark Tribe is a stealthy clan of Orcish ninjas

Middle-earth: Shadow of War's parade of themed Orc tribes continues today with a new trailer revealing the Dark Tribe, a secretive, stealthy clan of assassins that slips silently through the shadows, slashes through enemies like a laser-sharp scalpel, and then slips away into the night before anyone realizes they were there. 

Okay, maybe they're not quite that ninja-like, but everything is relative and relative to, say, the Terror Tribe, these guys are the epitome of surgical finesse. It is kind of an odd take on an Orcish horde, though. Do Orcs have special forces units? Do they use spies and assassins to covertly advance their political agendas? Are they sometimes airdropped behind enemy lines from the backs of Fellbeasts? 

Because that would be cool. 

Along with the Dark Tribe and the Terror Tribe, Middle-earth: Shadow of War will also feature mechanically-inclined Machine Tribe, and the hard-groovin' Marauder Tribe. It comes out on October 10, and sounds like it might be a lot of fun

Andy Chalk

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