MGSV: Ground Zeroes' framerate cap lifted; other tweaks available

Ground Zeroes

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes' release on PC has brought with it the big PC benefit: modding. The added benefit of time means there's a fair bit you can mess about with already.

Over on Steam, you can find out how to tweak and tinker with your copy of Kojima Productions' mini-masterpiece.

You can find guides for model swaps, FOV fixes, time and weather edits and more - the frame rate cap can be lifted too, should you want something more than plain old 30-60fps.

Obviously this means work is now underway on ripping the game apart as much as possible, in order to rebuild it as something newer, faster, better, sexier.

Or just to do this:

(That's main character Big Boss replaced with the face of series creator Hideo Kojima, in case you're confused)