Metal Gear Survive to get PC beta next week

The Metal Gear series is no stranger to controversy, but Survive—the first post-Kojima entry that's due later this month—has split opinion. Here at PC Gamer, Tim enjoyed an early build—yet James was less impressed by its "clumsy brawls with dumb zombies". If the comments sections here or here or here are anything to go by, you lot are similarly divided. 

If you're yet to draw your own conclusions, you'll soon be able to. Metal Gear Survive is hosting a PC beta next week.

As the image there suggests, this is Metal Gear Survive's second beta, but the first to feature on PC. With it comes three missions across two maps in co-op mode, supporting up to four players. Konami says players can expect daily missions too, and that those who jump in can claim bonus items by the time the full game rolls around. 

I'm yet to sample Metal Gear Survive myself, but I really fancy battering hordes of mindless zombies while piloting Walker Gear. The likelihood of stopping undead mobs with chain link fencing echoes Shaun of the Dead's Winchester strategy, mind you, but I guess I'll dive into the beta and see how its fortress-building works in practice.  

Sign up information can be found here.  

Metal Gear Survive's beta is set to run from February 16-18. Full release is due February 21 on PC via Steam. Before then, make sure your desktop matches the game's system requirements