Men of War finds time for one more WWII campaign - Assault Squad 2 out now

If I was in charge of Digitalmindsoft - and when the Zoltar machine finally grants my wish, I will be - I'd ditch all the subtitles and dub every entry in their apparently quite good RTS series simply 'Men of War', perhaps in an increasingly bold font in order to emphasise just how perfect a title it is. Men of War. Men of War . It tells you everything you need to know not just about Digitalmindsoft's squad-based strategy game but also about all the Battlefields, and all the Call of Duties. Of course, my plan would unravel when it came to actually buying those games, so perhaps it's for the best that the great Zoltar hasn't emBiggened me quite yet. Anyway. Men of War : Assault Squad 2 is out now on Steam , its Early Access period having come to a close.

Men of War's evolution over several expansion packs, standalones and semi-sequels has been a gradual one, and it's a development that will (hopefully) culminate in the series' "true successor" Call to Arms , which will take place in the modern day. I say "hopefully" because its crowdfunding efforts don't appear to have progressed all that smoothly since they were started back in 2012 - according to that page, only 25% of the needed funds have been raised. Regardless, the project appears to still be on track, and doubtless this latest Men of War game will help matters financially (if it sells well), even though the devs have denied that Assault Squad was made in order to fund Call to Arms. Incidentally, Assault Squad 2 was built using the Call to Arms engine, so it's getting a trial run at least.

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 can be begotten on Steam , for €29.99/$34.99/£24.99. Here's a video of what you can expect:

Tom Sykes

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