Men of War: Assault Squad 2 available through Steam Early Access

Last month, DigitalMindSoft made Men of War: Assault Squad 2 available to those who pre-purchased the game. Now you can get into the beta with Steam Early Access. The game usually costs $35, but it's currently being offered for $28, a 20 percent discount.

DigitalMindSoft says that the Early Access release also updates the game with plenty of fixes and new single player, cooperative, and multiplayer content. You'll get access to 15 single player skirmish missions out of a total of 40 that will be in the final game, and be able to play as the United States, Germany, or Soviet Union in multiplayer or cooperative modes. DigitalMindSoft said it will add more content to the game in the coming weeks.

As we've previously reported, Assault Squad 2 uses a totally new engine (the same one Call to Arms will use) and its multiplayer has transitioned from GameSpy to Steamworks, both of which were huge steps, DigitalMindSoft said .

As with many games in open beta and Early Access, DigitalMindSoft warns that you should be prepared for technical issues, especially in multiplayer, and that if you want the best Men of War experience, you should wait for the full game, which it expects to release during the second quarter of 2014.