Meet the new disco zombie in Plants Vs Zombies

pvz disco zombie thumb 2

Yesterday, PopCap announced that they'd decided to retire the dancing Michael Jackson-shaped zombie from future versions of Plants versus Zombies. I asked them what they'd be replacing him with. The answer has a hairy chest, white flared trousers, and fabulous hair.

Popcap had this to say:

'I can confirm that there is in fact a new 'disco zombie' (see image attached) and I would really appreciate if you could 'be nice to the new guy'...the disco zombie is starting to feel like a second class zombie citizen, which is really unfair considering the length of time he spent doing his hair! I actually managed to catch up with him earlier today and, while he's a little adverse to public speaking, he gave me the following (badly) written statement:

“Dear Alive Peeples, I am pleazed too join the big brainz at PopCap and can't wait to meat you all. And yes, I du my own heir.”'

Man, I love nested quotes almost as much as I love a dead fish in a platform disco shoe. Now, how long before The Simpsons ask for this one to be removed?