Meet the man inside this incredible Doom cosplay

Hoo boy, this Doom cosplay. This freaking Doom cosplay. Is it any wonder it won Australia's Sydney Supanova? It's absolutely immaculate, right down to the tiniest details. I especially love how battered it looks. This is the Doom Slayer, after all. His armor has seen some shit, and this cosplay captures that beautifully with holes and gouges—little imperfections that add up to even more perfect cosplay. After it popped up on Reddit a few days ago, I had to know more about how it was made, so I reached out to Oarin of Scrap Shop Props. But first, here it is in all its glory: 

 Cosplay by Scrap Shop Props. Photo by Steamkittens.  

 Cosplay by Scrap Shop Props. Photo by Steamkittens.  

Oarin originally built this Doom Slayer cosplay for PAX Australia 2017 (it won the cosplay contest there, too). Remarkably, he made it in just 18 days, primarily from a lightweight material called EVA Foam and with a little help from a 3D printer for the gun and helmet. He says he spent around 18 hours a day building when he first started, pared his schedule back to 10 hours a day for a while, and then pulled two all-nighters leading up to the event. "It just had to be done at that point, noise or not. When I'm not shackled by noise problems I tend to work at least 12 hours a day, motivation permitting," he says. 

Cosplay has become a career for Oarin. Apart from private commissions, he's also worked with studios like Blizzard and Riot Games to promote their games. Just recently he worked with Henchwench Cosplay on some Zealot Blades for Starcraft's 20th Anniversary, which have been sent all over the world. His company, Scrap Shop Props, is a one-man band, but he's worked with Henchwench on "just about everything," and he's in the process of moving into a "mega-workshop" with Zaphy Cosplay and Robb Props & Cosplay. "It'll be a very messy house," he says. 

Oarin got into cosplay around the start of 2016. His first build was Mass Effect's Garrus Vakarian. His background is in engineering, so he took right to all the measuring and sculpting. From there, he tried his hand at Overwatch's Reinhardt, bringing a stunning armor set to PAX Australia 2016. I'm partial to Doomguy myself, but they're both fabulous. Have a look: 

Cosplay by Scrap Shop Props. Photo by Steamkittens. 

Cosplay by Scrap Shop Props. Photo by Steamkittens

You can find more information and pictures on Scrap Shop Props' Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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