Medivh and Chromie are the next heroes of the storm

Warcraft's Medivh and Chromie are the next heroes of the storm. How do I know this? Because someone at Blizzard forgot to make the announcement 'private' as it uploaded. Naturally Blizzard Watch and hawk-eyed Redditors snapped everything for posterity.

Medivh is an almighty Guardian of Tirisfal—an uber-mage, in unofficial terms. Warcraft 3 fans will know him for his irritating tendency to appear out of nowhere, explain nothing and fly off again. He's a slippery so-and-so in Heroes too. As compiled by /u/camclemons his moves may include:

  • Transform into a raven and fly over terrain.
  • Summon two portals that persist, allowing allies to travel between them.
  • Chain polymorph: polymorph a target with an AoE time bomb. When it expires, enemies inside the AoE are polymorphed.
  • Fire a linear, slow-moving skillshot that puts enemies into stasis.

Chromie is a member of the time-travelling Bronze Dragonflight. The video didn't offer quite so much insight into her skillset.

  • After a short delay, summon a dragon to fire a linear, damage-dealing skillshot.
  • Dragonflight: provides vision.
  • Deal AoE damage, again through the magic of dragon summoning.
  • Slow enemies in an area.

Four skins join the heroes: Widowmaker Nova, Knight Owl Medivh, Fel Queen Chromie and Eagle Eye Tyrande. Once the video reappears I'll update this post so you can see them in action.