MechWarrior Online update adds Death's Knell, nostalgic startup sequence

MechWarrior Online Death's Knell

Stomping right behind the Spider Mech that launched last week, the Death's Knell is a new and agile robotic warrior included in MechWarrior Online's latest update . As a bonus, a familiar-sounding startup sequence for series veterans now plays whenever you switch on your towering titan.

The Death's Knell brings four medium turret lasers, a top speed of 113.4 KPH, and a 30 percent boost to how fast you earn C-Bills in the field, so it's useful for getting some quick cash while stomping around in a big metal man-suit. The rest of the patch brings changes to power-up and shutdown while overheating and a batch of memory leak fixes and CryEngine tweaks. Have a look at the notes in full over at the game's official website .

Omri Petitte

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