Max Payne 3 PC will have DirectX 11 support, new PC screenshots arrive

max payne 3 - max can Skype and shoot

Tessellation is a fancy expression for a DirectX 11 technique that divides up the surfaces created by polygons, resulting in more rounded, detailed characters and craggier faces. If anyone needs a bit of facial Tesselation, it's Max Payne . Luckily, he'll be getting that much-needed beauty treatment in Max Payne 3. DSO gaming have spotted an interview on German site, PC Games Hardware in which Rockstar PR chief, Simon Ramsey, confirms that the PC version will come with DirectX 11 support.

He also says that the PC version of Max Payne 3 is being developed alongside the consoles, so it won't be a rushed port job tacked onto the end of the process, hopefully. Rockstar also say they're working closely with Nvidia, which is good news for those of us with GeForce cards. Maybe we'll end up seeing some PhysX support similar to the sort of thing we've seen added to Batman: Arkham City in the past. Check out the new PC screens below for a look at how MP3 is shaping up. It's out on May 29 in the US and June 1 in Europe.

Tom Senior

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