Master of Orion gameplay video released

Master of Orion

Wargaming has released a video showing the first gameplay footage of its 4X strategy remake, Master of Orion. Released in 1993, the original Orion was one of the great-great grandpappies of modern strategy games. In the video, a pair of somewhat poorly programmed robot newscasters give the political news of the day: war and conflict in Orion.

Wargaming's reboot will focus on bringing modern graphics and a new orchestral soundtrack to the Orion universe. Though it's an early look, what we can see of the game's combat looks pretty stilted. Then again, swishy combat animations were never really the point for galaxy-spanning strategic conquest simulators like Master of Orion.

Evan got a chance to interview project director Chris Keeling at E3. Also note: unlike Wargaming's other titles, Master of Orion will not be a free-to-play multiplayer game, much to our relief.