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Master Chief has been modded into Jump Force

Jump Force already has characters in it from Dragon Ball, Bleach, My Hero Academia, and Naruto, so why not Halo as well? That must be the thinking behind this mod, created by The Onifox, which makes Master Chief a playable fighter. It's technically a reskin of Ryo Saeba from City Hunter which makes sense since he's the guy with a gun, but the addition of not only Halo's gun models but also the Warthog is what really puts this over the top.

The opening cinematic looks ridiculous but then, this is Jump Force—they always look ridiculous even when they don't feature Master Chief standing around like an action figure from the wrong set. The voice lines were edited in for this video—sadly the original mod doesn't include Cortana saying, "Hurry Chief, there isn't much time!" in your ear while you belt Piccolo in the face.

Jody Macgregor

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