Mass Effect: Andromeda looks quite nice, if leaked footage is real

Mass Effect Andromeda jetpack

April 1 is the absolute best day for a spot of leaked game footage to come out, so you'll want to take this video with a heap of salt (alternate link here, if that's been taken down, and I've embedded another video below).

It purports to show new footage of BioWare's upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda—footage created to show off a range of visual effects, and also a ruddy jetpack. The NeoGAF user who found it says that it came from the site of a developer working on Andromeda, and spare a thought for that dev: they're having a very bad day, if this is legit. EA has since had the original video taken down, but you can view it at the above links.

Mass Effect Andromeda pollen

The video doesn't tell us much about the game, except that Krogans, deadly pollen, and usable jetpacks feature—and even then, these are likely mockup scenes built to test the described visual effects. NeoGAF's reliable insider shinobi602 says that "this is around a late 2014 build", and that "it doesn't look like this now", so if you're judging Andromeda's looks on this footage, stop doing that.

If you're still doubtful, the HUD shown above matches the one featured in this pic by BioWare last November—so if it is a fake, they've at least done their homework.

Andromeda dev image

Just three days ago, Andromeda plot details seemed to leak from an EA survey. It's a game about colonialism, apparently.

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