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Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay trailer debuts at Sony's PlayStation Meeting 2016

For more details about Andromeda direct from Bioware, check out our article on all the Mass Effect Andromeda news we know so far. 

A new Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplayer trailer debuted at the PlayStation Meeting today, showcasing some very alien environments, as well as a new powered jump mechanic and a first look at what I assume is the default male Ryder character. 

The video is intended to show off the 4K visual capabilities of Sony's new PS4 Pro console, but we've already got that, so we can just kick back and enjoy our first real look at gameplay in the Andromeda galaxy. EA said it would debut a new trailer and "officially open the doors to the next chapter of the Mass Effect universe" on November 7.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is expected to be ready for launch in early 2017.

Andy Chalk
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