Mass Effect 3 Operation Raptor multiplayer event kicks off this weekend

Mass Effect 3 Challenge Weekend

The last multiplayer event for Mass Effect 3 asked players to survive all Reaper waves on silver difficulty, kill as many Brutes as possible, and extract to safety. The prize was a victory box full of random goodies and a powerful N7 weapon. The second event, codenamed "RAPTOR," kicks off this weekend. Sadly, it does not involve dinosaurs.

This weekend the entire online Mass Effect 3 community is tasked with promoting as many characters of possible into their single player games. When you hit the level 20 cap with a character in multiplayer you have the option of porting them into your solo campaign as a war asset that will improve your galactic readiness and give you better odds against the Reapers. If the online community does this with 150,000 characters, everyone will get a Victory box filled with randomised goodies.

If you promote two level 20 characters you'll receive an additional Commendation Pack. There's no word on what they'll contain this time. Maybe ... dinosaurs?

The weekend task was announced on the Bioware blog , where they also note that "participants need to set “Upload Gameplay Feedback” to “on” in the online options to be able to participate in Operation RAPTOR." The event starts at 5pm PST tomorrow, and will run until 5am PST Monday. Time to get levelling.

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