Mass Effect 3 Operation Goliath multiplayer mission is over, three million Brutes brutalised

Mass Effect 3 Challenge Weekend

The weekend saw Mass Effect 3 multiplayer players embark on a mission to kill as many Reapers as possible. The hulking Turian/Krogan hybrid creatures, the Brutes, were the main targets, but last week Bioware also promised rewards to any team that successfully survived all Reaper waves and reached extraction on Silver difficulty and above.

A post on the Bioware blog says that players have emerged VICTORIOUS from a weekend of blasting Brutes and desperately backing away from the hideous Reaper Banshees shouting "nonononono." "The community goal of killing one million brutes was beaten handily by participants," say Bioware. "Through your combined efforts, over THREE MILLION brutes were destroyed!" Yaaay.

Now all that remains is for us to reap our rewards. Participants will receive a Victory Pack, and those who survived the entire Reaper wave on silver will receive a Commendation Pack. Each Commendation Pack contains "a random N7 Arsenal weapon," these heavy duty firearms are currently only available in single player to owners of the N7 Collector's Edition. There's no other way to get them in multiplayer.

The contents of the Victory Packs, meanwhile, remain a mystery. They'll all be dished out later today at 5pm PST / midnight UK time. A few of us banded together over the weekend to push back the Reaper menace. It was a tense and fraught affair, but bloody good fun. Bioware say "we'll be announcing additional challenges in the days to come." Bring it on, we say. Bring it on.

Did you take on Operation Goliath this weekend? How are you finding Mass Effect 3's multiplayer?

Tom Senior

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