Mass Effect 3 Extended Edition is out today

Today Mass Effect ends. Again. But longer this time. The 'Extended Ending' DLC that Bioware promised back in April is finally here, or rather it will be when Origin updates later today.

The DLC, which was announced after some fans were disappointed by Mass Effect 3's initial ending apparently "Expands on the endings of Mass Effect 3 through additional scenes and epilogue sequences." At least according to the Bioware's Extended Ending FAQ , which goes on to say that it "provides more of the answers and closure that players have been asking for. It gives a sense of what the future holds as a result of the decisions made throughout the series. And it shows greater detail in the successes or failures based on how players achieved their endings."

The added material from the new ending starts at the obvious 'point of no return', when Admiral Hackett tells you this mission will be the beginning of the end. If you forgot to make a save, don't worry, the game automagically creates a 'legend' save for you in case you ever wanted to hop back in. Just boot it up and go. Or if you're a crazy storyhound like PC Gamer's Chris Thursten, you can play the entire game all over again to maintain a consistent narrative. Poor man, we probably won't see him for a week.

Will it be enough to placate those who were enraged by the initial showing? Or will it prove to fruitlessly drag up the conflict again? How much have things really changed? We'll all be able to find out tonight. If you want a little more information, check out the interview with Casey Hudson below. Alternatively you can read our Mass Effect 3 review to see what we thought of the game in its original incarnation.