Next Mass Effect 3 DLC teased in screenshots showing colorful casino, smashy Krogan

Mass Effect 3 DLC casino

Even the grim-faced Commander Shepard sometimes needs a break from saving life, the universe, and everything in Mass Effect 3. He might be in luck: two new screenshots teased by BioWare Producers Michael Gamble and Casey Hudson over Twitter hint that the next DLC involves hitting a high-tech casino. Oh, and there's also a fully armored Krogan hitting things with a hammer. Sorry, Shepard, break's over.

Scant details surround Shepard's next adventure, but BioWare Designer Jos Hendriks told forumgoers back in December that the next DLC's story and contents required "all hands on deck" at BioWare Edmonton, the team responsible for pushing out DLC content for the RPG. Composer Sam Hulick , Joker voice actor Seth Green , and Kaidan Alenko voice actor Raphael Sbarge all tweeted their involvement with the unnamed add-on. This is starting to sound a little more complicated than a story about Shepard blowing all his space-credits on space-craps.

Keep your ship's sensors calibrated to PC Gamer's frequency for more information in the future. In the meantime, enjoy the screenshots.

Mass Effect 3 DLC Krogan

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