A lot of men get eaten in the Maneater gameplay reveal

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Sharks are wonderful animals and do not spend all their time swimming around looking for people to eat, and they definitely do not rush at people from the depths, catch them in their jaws, perform multiple backflips in the air, and then eventually slam them into a concrete pylon. It does look like a lot of fun to do that, though.

PC Gaming Show sponsor Tripwire announced Maneater at last year's show, and this year it returned with a new trailer and the first gameplay footage of the 'shark-PG.' Check out the trailer above, and the full interview from The PC Gamer Show below.

Things have changed quite a bit since the announcement last year. Tripwire acquired the Maneater IP from its original developer, Blindside Interactive, and put an internal team to work on the game. They've redone art and redesigned game systems, and Maneater looks to have come a long way since last year's trailer.

As for the RPG elements, your shark will "evolve" as you play, fighting humans and other undersea predators, and there'll be "rare shark loot" to find.

There's no release date for Maneater yet, but it's coming "soon" to the Epic Store. Here's some gameplay footage to look at.

Tyler Wilde
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