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Make orc propaganda for us, win fabulous prizes

A quick recap of our saga so far:

  1. Our boss, Tim Clark, is killed innumerable times by Mozû the Blight, a fearsome and relentless orc while playing Middle-earth: Shadow of War. 
  2. "He's immune to arrows, fire, ice, quickly adapts to being vaulted over, and regularly emits disorientating howls," wrote Tim. "I am being bullied, and it feels bad."
  3. Humiliated, Tim asks for help from orc-slaying members of the PC Gamer community, and even developers of Shadow of War itself.
  4. Armed with these techniques, Mozû is unceremoniously killed by Tim's orc henchmen. RIP, Mozû. Partial credit, Tim.
  5. In death, Mozû finds unlikely supporters among the PC Gamer staff, becoming an honorary member of the team, as well as the default avatar for PC Gamer commenters.

Mozû the Blight may be dead, but he can live on as a symbol. That's where you come in.


How to enter

1) Download the Mozû Art Pack to get started.

2) Make original art OR memes/propaganda posters using our existing art (above) featuring Mozû the Blight.

3) Submit your stuff to with the subject line "RIP Mozû." Please enter by November 20, 2017 at 11:59 PM PT. We'll select some winners to receive one of the prizes listed above.

Here's an example of the sort of thing we're looking for: 

A sample piece of propaganda, created by Mozû sympathizer and PCG features editor Wes Fenlon.

To give you a head start, I commissioned two artists, Federica Litrico and Tida Kietsungden to create portraits of Mozû. You can find full .PSD and high-res JPEG versions of these assets in the Mozû Art Pack (ZIP). You can use these great illustrations as the backdrop for your propaganda.

By Federica Litrico

By Tida Kietsungden
Evan Lahti
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