Major Session update basically makes it Rodney Mullen's Pro Skater

Rodney Mullen, 1988

Rodney Mullen, 1988 (Source) (Image credit: Photo by Don Walheim)

Session's update arrived today, skipping the long-awaited update to bring the biggest bundle of changes and additions to the skateboarding sim yet. 

A complete physics overhaul that takes every aspect of the board into account, from what components you have, to how big your wheels are, to how tight you ride those trucks. Also in: Shuv-its (no pop required!), a manual rotation option if you don't like winding up, NPCs that dole out optional challenges, and more. Check the patch notes for the whole story. 

But the real star of the show is the addition of flatland and partial-flip variations, like Caspers, Darkslides, and Primos, made possible by the complete physics overhaul. And yeah, you can flip in and out of them, between them—whatever. It's all integrated into Session's complex, but surprisingly intuitive two-stick control system. Finally, a skating game for all the rural kids stuck with a single sidewalk. 

If you played Tony Hawk's Pro Skater back when or grew up skateboarding in the '90s, you already know what a Casper is: a wacky inverted manual. Darkslides were probably a go-to special in THPS. Grinding the griptape? Blasphemous! The primo stance might ring a bell too—there's no erasing the image of a preteen standing on their skateboard sideways in a JCPenney's parking lot. 

If any of 'em sound familiar, it's all thanks to skateboarding legend Rodney Mullen, who popularized a slower, more technical form of skating that didn't require huge parks or half-pipes. All you need is a small patch of concrete. Watch Mullen in action, then scope out the flatland tricks players over on /r/projectsession are putting together. Find a spot, eat some shit, and give that new fisheye lens option in the replay menu a shot. 

Same same but different from r/projectsession
I never thought I'd get to do this in a skating game. from r/projectsession
I tried to do a kickflip bs lip but got a darkslide instead. I'm not complaining. Loving the update. from r/projectsession
Flatground was certainly a pleasant surprise. Didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I do either. from r/projectsession
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