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Mafia 3 will be revealed next week

Mafia 3

2K's UK twitter account has just announced the announcement of Mafia 3. The announcement will take place next week, on August 5. Of course, some would argue that the announcement of the announcement of Mafia 3 was, if you think about it, inherently an announcement of Mafia 3. Those people clearly don't know how announcements work.

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Next week, of course, is Gamescom. That seems like the fitting place for the announcement of Mafia 3, which—and I must stress this point—currently hasn't been announced.

I wonder what 2K will announce when they announce Mafia 3? Forgive the speculation in this, a profession dedicated to objective fact, but I suspect it might be Mafia 3. Wouldn't that be a pleasant surprise?

Given the range of 2K franchises called Mafia—all of which hold the potential for a possible sequel called Mafia 3—what do you think the announcement of Mafia 3 will be?

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