Ludum Dare 22 won by Frostbite and Midas


"Alone" was the theme of the latest Ludum Dare indie game contest. Anyone who fancied joining in had 48 hours to create a game based on the theme. Then, everyone got to play each other's games and rate them based on categories like humour, fun, innovation, graphics, audio. The game with the highest overall score takes the top spot.

In the main contest, Frostbite took first place . You play as a soldier in a post apocalyptic world tasked with guarding an abandoned watchtower in the middle of a nuclear winter, making him the loneliest character in gaming. The poor soldier starts hallucinating ghosts, and must fight past them to reach a nearby city, stocking up on supplies and huddling around fires to stay warm. You can download Frostbite and see if you can find the city yourself.

The Ludum Dare jam is a more relaxed version of the main competition in which participants get three days to make a game, and can share assets around. The winner in this category is Midas , in which you play as the cursed king on a quest to touch the hand of his loved one. First he has to wash himself in a magical river to temporarily remove his power. He can touch blocks to turn them into gold, dropping them from suspended positions to form staircases and open up paths between the river and the Midas' loved one. You can play that in your browser .

For more Ludum Dare entries, you can see all of the games rated in the top 25 of each category . They're all free to play. Let us know if you discover any favourites. The next Ludum Dare contest is scheduled to take place in April.

Tom Senior

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