Lucasfilm is registering domains for "Star Wars Attack Squadron"

I know everyone's still buzzing about a new Battlefront game from this year's E3, but you might want to keep your viper probe droids on alert for a new Star Wars game as Lucasfilm has been quite busy registering domains with the name "Star Wars Attack Squadron."

Like in most domain name registration stories, the details are a little sparse. We don't know what form of media Star Wars Attack Squadron will be, nor do we know when we'll hear more about it— if we hear more about it. This could just be Disney snatching up domain names for projects it might work on in the future. After all, registering domain names costs much less than buying them from other people.

However, Fusible also noticed that Electronic Arts recently registered and You may recall Electronic Arts signed an agreement with Disney to use the Star Wars license in its games, so we're guessing this isn't a coincidence and suspect we may see another new Star Wars game (besides Battlefront) in the future.

As for what this non-existent game could be, I imagine it'll be something similar to the beloved Rogue Squadron series. The word “squadron” can mean a group of air or naval units, but the Star Wars series has never been known for its sea battles.

We've contacted Lucasfilm for additional details.