Star Wars: Battlefront could offer "huge, epic set-piece wars," says EA exec

As we saw in the teaser for DICE's upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront , the frigid ice planet Hoth will appear in the recently-announced reboot. The game already made our list as the biggest surprise of E3 this year, but how exactly the shooter will refashion such a well-known setting remains an open question. EA Labels president Frank Gibeau has addressed this topic and more in a new interview with IGN .

Although details since E3 have been scarce, Gibeau said that DICE's experience designing the eclectic warfighting scenarios in the Battlefield series will serve the developers well as they dive into the Star Wars mythology.

“Battlefront is a vehicle experience, it's a character experience," Gibeau said. "DICE has proven, in how they develop Battlefield, as far as being able to do air, land, sea combat, all the way up to F-18s fighting. They've been able to demonstrate through the Frostbite tech and through their design capabilities and talent that they can create these huge, epic set-piece wars. That's kind of the dream of Battlefront. Hoth, the battle of Hoth. You've got space, you've got the surface, you've got infantry, you've got AT-ATs. That's the table stakes that they come in with. They know how to do that. They're really good at it.”

But the reboot will also be about finding fresh ideas for Battlefront, according to Gibeau. "We want to create experiences that operate in the Star Wars universe, not just mimicking the movies," he said. "It'll be complementing the movies, the way that the Batman games have done. It's in the world of DC's comics, the world of Batman, but it's not a literal playback of the film."

We've already heard from DICE , again via IGN, that having too much Battlefield DNA in a Battlefront game "would be boring," and it remains to be seen just how much the two series will affect each other. How much of Battlefield do you want to see in Battlefront?

Hat tip, VG24/7