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Lovely Planet Arcade, the old-school sequel to Lovely Planet, will be out next week

Lovely Planet Arcade, the sequel to one of Tyler's favorite games of 2014, will be out on July 22. But in spite of the direct lineage (and the confusingly similar name), it promises a rather different sort of FPS experience: The Y-axis is gone this time around, meaning it will play more like Doom '93 than Doom '16. 

The analogy is handy, but it won't actually play like either of them: Instead, it's a “brand new adventure packed with impossible tests of skill and patience,” demanding a “graceful sequence of well timed shots and jumps” through moving targets and enemy fire. It offers more than 100 levels through four different worlds, with unlockable modifiers and Mirror and Fast Modes for every level. 

The new trailer also showcases the new weapon: While Lovely Planet's “Sunshine Gun” fires slow-moving projectiles, the firearm in Lovely Planet Arcade looks to be a hitscan piece, which means that it instantly hits whatever it's pointed at, the moment the trigger is pulled. Developer Vidhvat Madan said last October that there's “good reason” for the change, although he didn't get into why at the time. It's probably not related, but the Steam page also says players will “collect evidence and uncover the mysteries of the Arcade,” and I do love a good mystery.

Andy Chalk
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