"Long awaited" Witcher 3 Modkit update enables new texture additions

Unicorn Geralt

The Witcher 3 Modkit came out a couple months ago, which was nice, but it didn't make everyone entirely happy because it was somewhat limited in scale compared to the Redkit mod tool released for the first two Witcher games. CD Projekt Community Manager Marcin Momot said at the time that the studio was "not planning to release anything else" as far as mod tools go, but today revealed on the CD Projekt forums that an update to the Modkit that will enable users to add new textures to the game is "right around the corner."

The full list of coming changes:

  • Fixed a bug causing wcc_lite to fail when uncooking the game.
  • Added the abilty to mod textures from the textures array.
  • Added a warning information when wcc_lite failed due too long file path.
  • Cleaned up wcc_lite output log.
  • Fixed a bug when some normal maps and speculars were imported incorectlly. Now imported textures which name ends with "_n" and "_s" will be assigned to proper categories.
  • It is now possible to add new textures using mods.
  • Several fixes and minor improvements to Script Studio.

One thing that won't be changing is the interface, or lack thereof. In response to a user who said he'd like the Modkit to support a UI instead of "only CMD coding," Momot wrote, "Doubt this will happen. Sorry."

Unfortunately for those champing at the bit of better modding, a release date more precise than "right around the corner" hasn't been announced.

Andy Chalk

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