Logitech's potential acquisition of headset maker Plantronics falls through (updated)

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Update: Logitech isn't buying headset manufacturer Plantronics after all. The company said (opens in new tab) that while it had entered talks with Plantronics over a potential acquisition, it had later terminated those negotiations. It declined to comment further.

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Keyboard and mouse juggernaut Logitech is in talks to buy headphone and gaming headset (opens in new tab) manufacturer Plantronics, according to a report.

Logitech has offered more than $2.2 billion to acquire the US company, a source familiar with the deal told Reuters (opens in new tab). That would make it Logitech’s largest acquisition to date—it also bought Blue Microphones (opens in new tab), maker of the Yeti mic (opens in new tab), earlier this year, and headset maker Astro last year (opens in new tab).

A deal could be struck as early as next week, sources told Reuters, adding that it was possible no deal would be reached.

As well as gaming and Bluetooth headsets, Plantronics also makes speakers (opens in new tab), speakerphones and sport headphones. Its gaming headsets—many of which are branded under the RIG name—have never quite made it onto our lists of must-buys (opens in new tab). Logitech certainly knows how to make them: its G Pro headset is one of the best in the business (opens in new tab).

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