Logitech has acquired Astro

Long time keyboard and mouse juggernaut Logitech today announced that Astro Gaming will join its team in a full out acquisition.

Announced in a blog post by Logitech Gaming head Ujesh Desai, Astro will become part of the Logitech Gaming brand, and bring along its entire portfolio of gaming headsets, including some that we've already tested and given honorable mentions to.

In the post, Desai mentions that Astro will focus primarily on making products for consoles, while Logitech G will continue to be focused on PC gaming products. Logitech keyboards and mice have long been a staple for many gamers, including ourselves.

"I’m happy to share that we’ve found this same love for design and the sport of gaming in our newest team members: joining the Logitech G gaming team is ASTRO Gaming. ASTRO’s history of producing award-winning headsets for pro esports and console gamers perfectly complements the PC gaming expertise Logitech G is best known for," Desai said.

We've reached out to Desai and Logitech for further comment on how the two companies plan to mix product lines as both companies currently make a full line of gaming headsets. We'll report back with more information as it comes.

Update: Logitech reached out to let us know that Astro was acquired for $85 million in cash.

Tuan Nguyen
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