Another big Twitch streamer has made the leap to YouTube

LilyPichu—musician, voice actress and member of streamer group OfflineTV—is the latest to reveal she's signed an exclusive deal with YouTube.

As seems to be the trend now, she revealed she would be hopping from Twitch to YouTube in a humorous announcement video. It shows her nervously trying to pick between a red and purple button before enlisting the help of her pomeranian Temmie. Of course, Temmie picks the red cake over the purple bowl filled with nibbles, to which Lily says "good decision." 

Lily said in a follow-up tweet: "I had so much fun on Twitch, I can't wait to have just as much fun on YouTube!!!" She thanked her followers for their support, and received a farewell response from Twitch that read: "From art, to music, to gaming, you did it all with a voice and style that's unmistakably you. Good luck, keep growing and thanks for sharing so many memories with us."

It's been 10 years since Lily began streaming on Twitch, in which time she's amassed over 2.5 million followers on the platform. She joined OfflineTV in 2017, which includes other personalities like Pokimane and Scarra. Alongside Twitch, she's built a following of 2.95 million subscribers on YouTube and has released a series of sweet lo-fi melodies on Spotify. Lily's first YouTube-exclusive stream takes place on July 8.

Mollie Taylor
Features Producer

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