Ludwig is the latest streaming giant to sign an exclusivity deal with YouTube

Ludwig Ahgren
(Image credit: Ludwig Ahgren)

Big-time variety streamer Ludwig—who broke the record for most Twitch subscribers earlier this year—has signed an exclusivity deal with YouTube.

The streamer's been knocking around on Twitch since 2018, seeing a steady rise in popularity. He came to the forefront in March this year though when he managed to stream for 31 consecutive days—bar a small break where he took a trip and pals filled in for him. He ate, slept and occasionally even showered in front of an audience of thousands. It paid off, with the "subathon" culminating in Ludwig surpassing Ninja's all-time subscriber count of 269,154.

He marked his move over to YouTube with a daft skit posted to Twitter, which has him getting out of a Twitch-tinged purple car before it explodes moments later (thanks, Eurogamer). He then gets into a red one, making a cheeky comment about music copyright before announcing he'll begin streaming exclusively on YouTube gaming from today, November 30. 

Twitch responded to the skit, saying "you're a mogul in every sense, Ludwig. Best of luck and keep doing big things out there." YouTube Gaming boss Ryan Wyatt also tweeted about the deal, welcoming Ludwig "to the family." He leaves behind 3.1 million followers on Twitch, though it likely won't take long for him to catch up as he's already sat on 2.1 million YouTube subscribers. 

Ludwig is just one of the major players to get snatched away from Twitch this year. Both DrLupo and TimTheTatMan jumped ship a few months prior, with the former telling The Washington Post that the deal YouTube offered him has made him "secure for life."

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