Life-sized Overwatch action figures appear around the world

Blizzard dropped a cryptic “Agents Activating” map on the Overwatch Twitter account yesterday, leading some anxious players to think that the game might actually be going live today. That is not the case. But something very interesting is most definitely happening.   

As noted by Polygon, life-sized Overwatch action figures have turned up in locations corresponding to those indicated on the map: Hollywood, Paris, and Busan. Hollywood has Tracer; Paris got Genji; and the word on Reddit (no photos yet) is that Busan will see the arrival of Pharah. 

The Hollywood Blvd Earthcam has a great shot of Tracer, so you can keep an eye on things as they happen through that lens if you'd like. As for what's actually going to happen, that is still a mystery, but we'll find out soon enough: Blizzard's map says things will get underway at 10 am PDT/1 pm EDT.   

Andy Chalk

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