Where to use the Faded Whistle in Lies of P

Lies of P Faded Whistle - Kid bench
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The Lies of P Faded Whistle is a mysterious collectible you pick up at the back of the Scrapped Watchman's arena in Krat City Hall. Bloodborne players might assume it's like Father Gascoigne's music box—an item you can play to give you an advantage in the boss fight itself. But actually, the Faded Whistle is part of a little quest you might have already found in Elysion Boulevard.

If you're still working your way through Krat and its districts, you might want to know what weapons you can find. Depending on how far you are, there's also the possibility of unlocking boss weapons using Rare Ergo, like that one you might have just gotten from the Scrapped Watchman. Either way, here's where to use the Lies of P Faded Whistle item.

Where to use the Faded Whistle

After you've defeated the Scrapped Watchman in the Krat City Hall Courtyard, you'll find the Faded Whistle on a bench towards the back of the arena, where it looks like some kids have created a little play area and written "friends" on the slabs. By selecting the Faded Whistle in the collectible section of your inventory you can also blow it. But it's not immediately obvious where you should use it.

Back in Elysion Boulevard, there's a child hanging out in a window called Toma. You may or may not have discovered him while exploring, but if you talk to him, he mentions a police officer called Murphy who used to come around to check on all of the sick kids in the Petrification Disease Quarantine zone. He also mentions wanting to see Murphy again. As you've probably surmised; the Faded Whistle belonged to Murphy. Here's how to get to Toma:

  • From the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard Stargazer, go straight ahead out the door and turn right.
  • Follow the path to where you enter out onto the rooftop with the chimney sweep puppet and the charge cell throwing puppet above. 
  • On the side of that roof, with the Homomachina sign on the building opposite, you'll find a ladder you can climb down.
  • At the bottom there's a window opposite, next to some trash cans. Interact with it to talk to Toma.

While watching out for the nearby enemies, find the Faded Whistle in your inventory, and use it just outside Toma's window. Toma will chime up, thinking you're Murphy, come round to check on the kids again. This will complete his small side quest and get you a Radiant Ergo.

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