Lies of P weapon locations and how to craft them

Lies of P weapon locations - P fighting a monster
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There are all sorts of Lies of P weapons to put in the hands of Neowiz's Pinocchio, as you dismember deadly puppets on the mean streets of Krat. Whether it's grinding their gears to dust with a giant wrench, or slashing away at them with a flaming dagger—there are options for every kind of playstyle. And if you can't find a weapon you like, don't fret: thanks to the way Lies of P's weapon crafting works, you can recombine blades and handles to find something that suits.

With the exception of boss weapons, every armament you pick up in Lies of P comes with both a blade and a handle that can be recombined this way, so finding weapons ultimately expands your crafting potential.

Here I'll lay out every Lies of P weapon location I've found in the game in order of when you'll run into them, give my recommendation for the best starter weapon, and explain how weapon crafting works further down.

Lies of P best starter weapon

The Greatsword of Fate is a really good starter weapon (Image credit: Neowiz)

You can choose one of three weapons at the start of Lies of P: 

  • The Wintry Rapier
  • The Puppet's Sabre
  • The Greatsword of Fate

While the rapier and sabre have faster attacks, I recommend the greatsword, since its blade has the highest damage reduction when blocking, and trust me, you're going to be blocking a lot against bosses in the early game.

If you do regret your choice, you can always buy the other two shortly after from the Wandering Merchant when you reach the circus, just before the Parade Master boss. You should probably buy them either way just to get access to their blades and handles for putting together new weapons.

Electric Coil

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You can buy this one from the Wandering Merchant near the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard Stargazer in region II. Simply head into the adjacent room from the Stargazer and talk to him to purchase the weapon.

Krat Police Baton

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You get this by defeating the big Policeman puppet in the courtyard of the Petrification Disease Quarantine Zone in region II, just beyond the rooftops from the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard Stargazer.

Salamander Dagger

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From the Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer in Venigni Works in region III, head up the stairs, turn into the room on your left, and drop down the hole behind the crates.

Inside are two puppet enemies and a safe containing this weapon.

Fire Axe

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From the Workshop Union Culvert Stargazer in Venigni Works in region III, go straight ahead and up the stairs to where the giant puppet boulders are rolling down the tunnel. Head to the far end of that tunnel—avoiding boulders and enemies by tucking yourself into the sides—to find a chest.

Booster Glaive

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The chest containing this weapon is located at the far end of the water-filled trench at the centre of Venigni Works in region III, where the Puppet of the Future boss is patrolling up and down. Climb the left ladder from the Workshop Union Culvert Stargazer and follow the corridor to find a platform with a ladder leading down into the arena.

You can fight the boss, or just run through to grab the chest.

Big Pipe Wrench

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From the Center of Venigni Works Stargazer in region III, after you beat King's Flame, Fuoco, follow the path until you enter the main section of the mines with the puppet enemies throwing firebombs.

Climb to the highest platform in the cave via the ladders to find a chest containing this weapon.

Blind Man's Double Spear

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Located in the Cathedral depths area in region IV. From the St. Frangelico's Cathedral Stargazer, continue down into the depths, then use the rafters to get to the top of the room where you can open the lift shortcut. At the very top, you'll find two big spoked wooden wheels that you'll need to jump through to progress.

At the second wooden wheel—the one without the broken spoke—stand on it instead and let it carry you to a platform on the other side, revealing a room with a chest containing this weapon. 

Acidic Crystal Spear

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From the Malum District Stargazer in region V, head down the hill, then right, then keep going around the corner past the bear trap to find a chest containing this weapon.

Bone-Cutting Saw

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From the Malum District Stargazer in region V, follow the main path until you find yourself in an open square with a big petrification monster and a burning Black Rabbit Brotherhood symbol set into a pile of debris. The chest is located to your right on the upper level, next to that monster throwing gunk at you.

Head to the far end of the square to find a ladder leading up, then work your way left along the wooden platforms to get to the chest.

Bramble Curved Sword

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You can buy this from the Wandering Merchant in Malum District in region V. You'll need to either grab the Smiling Bunny Mark from the grave as you enter into Malum District after the St. Frangelico's Cathedral, or defeat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss to get him to sell you stuff.

Once you've unlocked the shortcut leading into the Red Lobster Inn from the Malum District Stargazer, head through the door, and climb the ladder tucked behind the row of barrels immediately to your right to find the merchant.

Dancer's Curved Sword

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Found in Rosa Isabelle Street in region VI. Just before you have to fight the White Lady boss in the arena with the stage and all the impaled puppets, you'll find a main street filled with soldier puppets that fire rifles and unicycle puppets that throw bombs. Fight your way to the end of the street to find a chest containing this weapon.

Exploding Pickaxe

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From the Estella Opera House Entrance Stargazer in region VI, head into the building, left up the stairs, and then follow the windowed corridor past the spider lady puppet, and down the stairs again. You'll find yourself in another corridor with a room at the far end, down a further set of stairs.

Defeat the big puppet and then open the safe in that room to find this weapon.

Tyrant Murderer's Dagger

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You can purchase this weapon from Pulcinella in Hotel Krat after you bring him the Curated Venigni Box you can find the lower level of the Estella Opera House in region VI. The easiest way to get to this is to drop down by the flaming chandelier just before the boss room, then head through the side passage to find a room with a safe containing this.

Clock Sword

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You can find this after you've beaten the King of Puppets and exited the Estella Opera House. Keep following the city streets until you reach a courtyard with some market stalls and a tunnel with a headless puppet inside scrabbling on the ground.

Climb the ladder to the right of the tunnel, fight the maid puppets up above, and open the check to find this weapon.

Circular Electric Chainsaw

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You can buy this weapon from the Wandering Merchant in the Lorenzini Arcade in region VII. Unlocking the shortcut leading into Theatre Clemence, you'll find the merchant hanging out by a fountain in a room with lots of plants.

Spear of Honor

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Found in the lower tunnels of the Lorenzini Arcade in region VII. It's easy to recognise the weapon's location, since the tunnels are filled with enemies and a blue gas that causes decay. I suggest sprinting past them and using Attribute Purification Ampoules to stay alive.

At the end of this self-contained tunnel system, you'll find a safe with this weapon inside, and a shortcut door you can unlock to get back to where you started.

Lies of P weapon crafting

With the exception of boss weapons, every weapon in Lies of P has a blade/head and a handle. Once you beat the Mad Donkey boss in region II, you'll get the Enigma Assembly Tool that allows you to recombine weapon blades and handles. The easiest way to understand the process is this:

  • Blade: This provides your damage and the damage reduction you get when blocking. Each blade/head also comes with a blade Fable Art. 
  • Handle: This provides the moveset associated with the weapon it came from, your damage scaling, but also your handle Fable Art.

Fable Arts are essentially weapon skills you can use in combat by consuming Fable Slots. You can also tweak the stat-scaling of your weapon by adding a Motivity, Technique, or Advance Crank to the handle at Eugenie in Hotel Krat. This prioritises scaling in that stat, though each weapon also has a base scaling you should pay attention to. Since you're not going to be using Fable Arts all the time—because Fable Slots take a while to charge by hitting stuff—your weapon choice really comes down to your preferred playstyle, moveset, and what damage types you mainly want to use.

Lastly, you can upgrade your regular weapons with Eugenie using Hidden Moonstone, Crescent Moonstone, and Half Moonstone.

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