Lichtspeer trailer reveals penguin Vikings, wurst zombies, and Das Walrus

It's not often that I get excited about a game almost entirely because of its debut trailer. But it's not often I see a trailer like the one released today for Lichtspeer, an “ancient Germanic lightspear-throwing simulator from the future” that's set to come out next month. 

It's fairly simple, score-attack stuff—throw your divine lichtspeer at attacking enemies, make headshots, boost your score multiplier, upgrade your abilities, die lots, do it again—but a game whose villains include Wurst Zombies, Hipster Ice Giants, Penguin Vikings, and Das Walrus is worth a second look in my book. It's a vibe that pervades the game: The quit option just says "Go home and eat strudel," and the screen below speaks for itself. It's Teutonic videogaming at its finest.

Lichtspeer is set to come out next month, but before it does, Tom will be playing it at PAX West, sometime between September 2-5, and he will no doubt tell us what he thinks of it afterward. For now, you can get a better idea of what it's all about from Steam.

Andy Chalk

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