Let's design the perfect battle royale game on PC

Back in 2015, we asked you to help us create the perfect first-person shooter. And you did. Boy, you ever did. We posted a survey on our Twitter feed and our Facebook page, you answered, and we tallied and combined the results to come up with an FPS called Rising Dark Shadow: Apocalypse Protocol, which took place in a steampunk city in the post-apocalypse during World War II. It had realistic graphics, experimental weapons, and featured a lone-wolf protagonist battling agents of an oppressive government—and you didn't even have to pre-purchase the game to acquire all of the weapons.


Let's try it again, but this time let's design the perfect battle royale game. 100 players enter a battleground (you decide what kind) , and the last one standing wins (you pick what they win, too). 

Let your voices be heard by taking our survey. It will only take you a couple of minutes, and we'll tally up your votes and suggestions and mash them together to come up with the perfect battle royale game for PC. We'll post the results of the survey at the end of the week.

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