Let Me Solo Her's glorious 1000th battle was a nail biter

Elden Ring character Let Me Solo her stands in Malenia's boss room after climactic battle.
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Let Me Solo Her has now defeated the hardest boss in Elden Ring 1,000 times. There are 165 bosses in the game and he has killed one of them six times that amount. Elden Ring's ultimate folk hero, who has been immortalized with 3D models, fan art, and imitators, streamed the final fight to thousands of people yesterday and, intentionally or not, nearly got solo'd himself in the final minutes of the battle.

The first phase of his 1,000th Malenia kill looks fairly subdued, or as subdued as a flawless fight with the game's most notoriously difficult boss can go. Let Me Solo Her, with his naked body and pot helmet, slashed away her health without taking a single hit. Then, as Malenia readied for round two, he smashed play on the game's iconic theme song.

The theme roared as Let Me Solo Her leaped around the winged rot goddess and shaved away her health. Things were going as well as they had been for the last two hours of the stream, but then Malenia rose into the air and sent clones of herself to attack him. Let Me Solo Her rolled away from the first two and got caught on the third attack. His health dropped to a fraction of his health bar. Any single attack, any slight mistiming of a dodge would end our hero, and yet, he kept going.

It was at this moment that I think all 7,000 plus viewers on the stream realized that no matter how low his health bar was, Let Me Solo Her was always dancing on death's edge. There's no difference between 100% health or 10%; he's not dead until it hits zero. I like to believe that he only chugged a healing flask to let us all catch our breath.

When he took a hit again several seconds later and still didn't flinch, everyone was on the same page. This fight was basically over, it was just a matter of watching Let Me Solo Her close it out. He watched as Malenia threw out a few more swipes and dashes, and as she did one final smash into the ground, he flung himself toward her and dealt the killing blow.

If you watched it live, you would have seen the donations pouring in. It's hard to estimate how much money people threw at Let Me Solo Her with the various currencies at play, but he surely raised well over $1,000 as he faced Malenia and stood in her empty boss room afterward.

In the end, the nude warrior teleported to Roundtable Hold, sat at the titular table, paused for a moment, and then started new game plus. He made his way through the first boss (untouched, of course) and spent the final minutes of the stream sitting in Limgrave.

"Thank you everyone for all the support. I couldn't have been here without you guys," he wrote on the stream.

"I'm gonna try to make my way to Malenia soon :)"

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