Elden Ring player 'Let her solo me' tests the reading comprehension of hopeful summoners

elden ring let her solo me
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The Elden Ring scene had a moment last week when a player named "Let me solo her" became an instant legend by dropping naked into other players' worlds and repeatedly defeating Malenia alone. In one short week, they've been immortalized in memes, fan art, and even a neat statue.

"Let her solo me" is not this player. In fact, they're the opposite: a summon whose primary mission is to get bodied by Melania in a 1v1 showdown. 

Reddit user hegelypuff shared their encounter with Let her solo me, who bears a perfect resemblance to the famous Let me solo her. The fight doesn't last long—LHSM confidently walks toward Malenia katanas in-hand, throws an item at her to provoke an attack, and proceeds to get mercilessly slaughtered without flinching.

let_her_solo_me_which_one_of_you_is_this_lol from r/Eldenring

The whole thing is over in a mere 12 seconds, and following their foretold defeat, I imagine Let her solo me returned to their world and immediately replaced their summon sign to once again supply negative aid. I admire their commitment to the gag. I wonder how many players have misread their name and believed they were being visited upon by the hero of Elden Ring? 

As you can probably guess, Let her solo me has not yet achieved the same legend status as the original solo helper. The clip above is the only recorded encounter with them thus far, though another Redditor seems to have discovered an identical player on PlayStation.

I don't expect their legend to travel much further, as intentionally throwing yourself on Malenia's sword for a gag probably isn't as fun as actually mastering her boss fight and beating her dozens of times. Then again, gamers have gone to greater lengths for the sake of in-game performance art, like the Elder Scrolls Online player who laid on a bridge and accidentally started a wholesome cult.

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