Lego Star Wars 3 footage shows epic battles

Lego Star Wars 3

The Lego Star Wars games have always done a great job of bringing Lego's blocky brand of slapstick to the Star Wars Universe. With Lego Star Wars 3, they're adding another element: scale. Huge ground wars will let you lead troops of units, and even bigger space battles will pit you against colossal capital ships. Combine that with a revamped graphics engine and Lego Star Wars 3 is starting to look pretty special. Check out the developer diary, embedded below, for some footage of the huge new battlefields in action.

The game will be set during the events of the Clone Wars TV series and will have new force powers and an improved level editor, as well as an additional multiplayer mode that will let you play against your friends. The game's due out on February 15th in the US and the 18th in the UK. For more videos and screenshots, check out the Lucasarts site .

[via Gametrailers ]

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