LEGO Minecraft available to pre-order. In stores this Summer for $34.99/£34.99

LEGO Minecraft's "Micro Worlds" are available for pre-order at right now. The beans have been well and truly spilled at a conference in Denmark this morning. You'll actually get your hands on the sets in the Summer. Until then, reserve your blocks by laying down $34.99/€34.99/£29.99 on the official site . Mojang are donating 1% of the proceeds to charity.

"I played a lot with Lego bricks as a child, and that's influenced how I made games. I prefer games with levels that are modifiable. I don't like static levels." said Notch, speaking at the conference today.

Each "Micro World" is cube-shaped. "Because Minecraft is cubes," says LEGO's Tom Courtney. Each block is represented by a 1x1 LEGO plate with a tile on top. They're not completely square, like in the game, but each "modular vingnette" comes with its own selection of hidden resources, which is canon. Whether you'll be able to melt down four brown blocks to construct a workbench block is yet to be confirmed. Actually, I'll confirm it now: you can't.

"There are problems of scaling," admitted Notch. "Minecraft has huge long tunnels, and you can't really fit that in to a living room. But I think the Lego guys have creating something that's really great, that really feels like Minecraft." According to the press release, when Notch saw the models for the first time, he exclaimed "Woohoo!" We can believe that.

Miniature Steve and Creeper models also feature in the set, although they've been rebranded as "Micro Mobs." The sets originally came about thanks to LEGO CUUSOO , where fans can submit, and vote for, inspired LEGO sets.

Are you already pre-ordering?