Legends of Eisenwald launching in July

Legends of Eisenwald

I mentioned in my Legends of Eisenwald Early Access review that the game has been floating around on Early Access since October 2013, and it's actually been in development for more than five years in total. And while I certainly wouldn't think of taking credit for prompting developer Aterdux Entertainment to finally give it a proper launch date, the timing is pretty coincidental, wouldn't you say?

Okay, maybe not, but nonetheless, the word is out that the game will launch fully and properly on July 2 of this year. "Thank you for your patience as development took way longer than we expected—we did not anticipate being so long in Early Access," the studio wrote. "Please accept our deepest apologies for this tremendous delay but we hope you will enjoy the game and you will get the great experience you were hoping for."

To mark the impending release, Aterdux released a Legends of Eisenwald cinematic that doesn't actually show off any gameplay, but will nonetheless be familiar to anyone who's played it. The studio said work on the video began all the way back in 2012, but it proved to be too much for the team to handle, and so it was shelved until last spring, when Spanish animation studio Digital Mind got involved.

"All characters in this video and many of the models and animations are from in-game assets," it wrote. "Fortunately for us, the folks at Digital Mind were able to use our assets which significantly lowered production costs."

For now, Legends of Eisenwald remains available on Steam Early Access. Find out more at Aterdux.com.

Andy Chalk

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