Legend of Grimrock 2 studio confirms that beta testing has begun


Legend of Grimrock was one of the happier surprises of 2012, not only because it was so good but because it demonstrated how a very old style of game could be successfully brought into the modern era. Developer Almost Human has been plugging away at a sequel since early 2013 and today announced that a major milestone has been reached, as the game is now in beta.

Unfortunately for fans, the studio is staying true to its promise of " no early access ," and that means the beta test is closed. "Closed beta worked really well with LoG1 and we're looking to repeat the process," it wrote in the announcement . "By giving beta access to a carefully selected group of people, we can personally interact with the testers much better and thus get better and more accurate feedback."

The studio said Legend of Grimrock 2 will be about 25 percent longer than its predecessor, although more testing is required to really nail that number down. The new game is feature-complete and playable from start to finish, "but there's still much work to do," it wrote. "Our Venerable List of Things To Do is constantly getting added with new entries even as we are hammering on the things at the other end of the list."

To mark the entry into beta, Almost Human released a (very) brief teaser reminding everyone that the new game takes place on an island: The Isle of Nex, to be precise. Did you know that "nex" is Latin for death? Violent death, in particular. Probably not a coincidence.

There's no release date yet for Legend of Grimrock 2, but the studio said it hopes to be able to announce one soon.

Andy Chalk

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