Left Alive's new trailer features lots of boring humans and only two mechs

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Left Alive, the survival shooter set in the Front Mission universe, ahead of TGS. There’s a war, there are mechs, and the rest of the trailer is... well, it’s largely incomprehensible. Slap your eyes on it above. 

Unfortunately it’s incomprehensible in a very plain way. Random snippets from cutscenes, vague lines of contextless dialogue and occasional respite provided by explosions. The few details are things we already know: there’s a war kicking off in Novo Slava, and you can experience it as three different protagonists. 

David O'Keefe’s Left Alive preview from PAX West doesn’t paint a prettier picture. 

“I watched 20 minutes of scenarios mere hours ago, but the details are already growing hazy. I haven’t been bleaching my brain with an overload of new games on the packed convention center floor in those hours, Left Alive just failed to leave a lasting impression.”

The mechs, at least, sound nifty. Called wanzers, they’re customisable behemoths that can fill enemies with holes from a distance or charge in and tackle them. They can also equip weapons that have been severed from enemy mechs. Practical! 

Left Alive still has a 2018 release date on Steam, but the trailer says 2019. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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