Learn how to date your weapons in this Boyfriend Dungeon gameplay video

Boyfriend Dungeon absolutely destroyed its Kickstarter goal in 2018—and why wouldn't it? It's a dungeon crawling action-RPG where your weapons can transform into sexy people, who you can then get to know and take on dates.

As intriguing a premise as that is, it's a little hard to picture how it all works. Luckily, this gameplay footage shown on Guerrilla Collective today clears it up a bit.

During your dungeon crawls, you'll find new weapons that turn into attractive people when you're done adventuring and return to the modern surface world. To progress further in the dungeons, you'll need to level up and unlock new abilities, and that's done by improving your relationship with your weapon of choice. 

Chat with them in text messages, get dressed up, and take them out on dates around town to form a stronger bond. Each weapon/person has different personalities, dialogue options, and preferences. And there's a bit of a mystery, too, as well, as someone in town is out there kidnapping weapons. 

It looks like good fun, a mix of a dating sim and a frenetic dungeon crawl. You'll be able to level up your love in Boyfriend Dungeon later this year.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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