League of Legends is getting its own Football Manager-like business sim where you manage a pro team

(Image credit: Riot Games)

Riot Games is developing a business management sim, and yes, as the headline implies, it's about managing a world-class League of Legends esports team. Announced today during the League of Legends' 10th Anniversary celebrations, the game is scheduled to launch in the League of Legends Pro League region in 2020 "with the intent to eventually expand to other regional leagues."

Interestingly, the pro teams that feature in League of Legends Esports Manager will share revenue from the game, with a statement from Riot Games describing it as a way to "expand the esports ecosystem" and to "invest in its longevity".

What the game actually looks and plays like, however, is still a mystery. But this sure sounds like Football Manager mixed with esports—which seems like such an obvious idea I'm surprised no one thought of it sooner.

There's currently  a trailer with footage on the Chinese website for the game, though no English-language equivalent has popped up as yet.

This is just one of many announcements coming from Riot's tenth anniversary event, including a new CCG, a fighting game, an FPS, mobile versions of Teamfight Tactics and League of Legends and an animated series.

Shaun Prescott

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