LawBreakers closed beta testing begins later this month

Cliff Bleszinksi's new team-based shooter LawBreakers will begin closed beta testing on March 16, developer Boss Key Productions announced today, with an initial test set to run through March 19. Before that, the game will make its public debut at PAX East, with new roles, a new map, and "all sorts of new stuff." 

"[It's] not the same game, though," Bleszinski said in a studio update date. "The team's been very, very hard at work. We think you're going to enjoy the new roles, the new characters, and all the new features—new weapons in particular." 

He and Boss Key communications manager Rohan Rivas also teased the announcement at PAX of what sounds like a new support character. "[There] may be a little bit of backup, you know, healing-type thing going on," Bleszinski added.

Signups for the LawBreakers closed beta can be made at And while you're at it, don't miss our thoughts on last year's alpha test right here

Andy Chalk

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