Latest Prey beta update fixes inventory bugs and stamina recovery

Prey launched pretty smoothly – at least compared to Dishonored 2 – but it wasn't without its niggling problems. Save corruptions were chief among the problems and were ostensibly fixed with the last update, but the new v1.03 update addresses the problem further.

Meanwhile, inventory items should no longer disappear when moving between areas in the Talos I, and a bug which stopped stamina from replenishing should be gone, now. Elsewhere, bugs related to repairing, fabricated weapons and erroneously hostile human enemies have been addressed.

Oh – and the FOV slider is now available in the advanced options menu. The full patch notes are below, but you'll need to opt into the beta using some instructions herein. For the rest of us, the patch will probably roll out officially in a matter of days.

  • ​Further fixes to prevent save games from becoming corrupted. Fix also returns corrupted save games to uncorrupted state.
  • Items should no longer be incorrectly deleted from inventory or world when changing levels.
  • Fix for stamina not recovering.
  • Fix for being unable to repair items.
  • Player should no longer spawn out of level.
  • Fabricated weapons are now empty.
  • Fix for humans incorrectly turning hostile. Hostile humans in lobby will be returned to friendly.
  • End game credits now always skippable.
  • Aaron Ingram no longer cowers if spooked by a typhon.
  • Fix for various problems making changes in the settings.
  • FOV slider is available in the advanced options menu.
Shaun Prescott

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