The Last of Us Part 2 job listing asks for PC, DX12 and Nvidia experience

(Image credit: Sony)

PlayStation developer Naughty Dog posted a job listing for a graphics programmer recently that has people wondering if Sony is giving up another exclusive. The role is attached to The Last of Us Part 2, which has only been announced on PS4, but the 'Requirements & Skills' section lists several things specific to PC. 

The new graphics programmer would join Naughty Dog's rendering team and needs to have a "thorough understanding of current GPU architectures" including Nvidia. Experience with DirectX12 and Vulkan is also desired. Naughty Dog might be looking for candidates with broad experience, but it still seems odd to specifically list APIs and a GPU that you won't find in a PlayStation. 

"PC programming experience" is also listed alongside console experience, making it a bit more explicit. 

It still seems very unlikely that we'll be seeing one of Sony's biggest exclusives making its way over to PC soon, though. Horizon: Zero Dawn is rumoured to be making the leap, too, but it launched on PS4 three years ago, and it's still not been confirmed. 

Cheers, Dextero.

Fraser Brown
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