Last Oasis gets a volcanic map and flying creatures you can ride

Last Oasis managed to tempt a lot of players when it first launched, but it ended up being a false start, the servers got taken offline, and the wind got taken out of its sails. It returned pretty quickly, however, and things have been a lot more stable since. 

Today sees a new update hit the post-apocalyptic MMO, adding a new volcanic map to the sliver of Earth humanity is still able to live on. 

A volcanic map sounds even less appealing than more desert, but things are tough in this very hot future. It also hosts a new flying creature known as the killin—as blunt a name as you can get. They're attracted by the wing-like sails of your walker, and are apparently pretty dangerous if you piss them off. You can also target them with your grappling hook and catch a ride. I'm sure they'll love that. 

New weapons can also be crafted when you start exploring volcanic areas. Obsidian weapons are almost as tough as iron, and you can make them in larger quantities. There's a new walker type, too, the Domus, which Donkey Crew describe as "a giant bunker on legs." I must own it. 

The update is out now, and Last Oasis is also 20 percent off during the Steam Summer Sale. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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